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Being aware of continued requests by those involved in the cultural and heritage sectors for a ‘one-stop-shop’ relating to security advice and guidance, the IAASF committee agreed to develop this website.


The purpose of the website is to provide suitable advice and guidance that protects cultural and heritage assets from security threats. The website will also provide support for those individuals and organisations seeking to understand what is needed to lend from national institutions in the UK and the requirements of the Government Indemnity Scheme.


By following the ‘General Access’ link below everybody will be able to find suitable points of reference and guidance to help protect cultural assets. All of the information within this area is open-sourced and freely available to all, we have just collected it into a single space.


The ‘Premium Access’ requires individuals to register, although this is still a free service. The Premium section enables access to product and service providers in the UK and Internationally that are known to support the protection of art and cultural heritage. In addition, there is access to organisational newsletters and a chat forum where questions or subjects of interest can be discussed by members and experiences shared.


The IAASF team are proud to have developed this ‘One-Stop-Shop’. We encourage all users to help grow and develop the content for the benefit of the global cultural and heritage family.

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